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Having a network of supportive friends, family, and neighbors can make it easier to care for your children. Maintaining your social connections, big and small, can help grow this network. Social connections are positive relationships in your life that provide emotional support, advice, and comfort.

Quick Tips 1 min

Follow these steps to find, maintain, and model social connections.


Prioritize and plan. Carve out small, easy-to-manage chunks of time to maintain or grow close and supportive relationships. Make a plan to reach out to friends and neighbors. For instance, you might write a reminder in your phone to call or text a new friend from your child’s school.


Connect with community. There are others in your community going through similar experiences and parenting milestones. Check out local community groups with topics that you are interested in, and use the resource center to find out how to get involved with these. Connect with other parents at events where you can get to know each other.


Model positive relationships. When you demonstrate positive relationships for your children, you teach them what a supportive relationship looks like. This will encourage them to build their own positive relationships.

Article 3 min

Making and Modeling Healthy Social Connections

Your child can grow up healthy and happy when you have sources of emotional support and practices of self-care. Getting the emotional support you need can make you a more resilient parent. Just like your child needs support, relying on people in your network for different kinds of support can.…


Let’s share some facts about the importance of relationships and social connections.

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