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Seeking and
Accepting Help

When you’re putting in your best effort, it might feel tough to ask for help when you need it — but having social support is an important investment in yourself and your family. Learn how to identify and reach out to people in your network so that your whole family can thrive.

Quick Tips 1 min

Here are some tips on how to ask for and receive support.


Reflect and clarify. Consider why you might be hesitating to ask for help. Clarify what kind of support you need.


Identify concrete supports. Think about easy and doable tasks for people you’re reaching out to. Plan some time to reach out to them. This will give you back even more time later on.


Connect with confidence. Reach out to let people in your community lend a hand and follow up if you need to.

Article 3 min

Finding and Securing Help When You Need It

When you’re a parent, you have many roles that go beyond caretaking for your child. You’re an event planner, organizer, and executor. You’re a meal planner, a creative organizer, and a quick fixer when things break. You show up every day for your child in many different ways. Here are some ways…

Audio Clip

Use this short audio recording to reflect on your experiences with getting help from people you trust, and how they can help you right now. After this activity, you’ll have the right tools to take action and find support, so your family can grow strong and healthy.

Local Services

Getting the help you need is just one click or phone call away. Use this resource to search for free and low-cost services near you, like medical care, food, child care, financial assistance, job training, and more.

Find Local Services
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